Hello, what's the craic?  I'm Peter, a piscean, and I was born and reside in beautiful bloody Belfast.  It's had its fair share of horror but it's a cracker wee city.  I'm working a 9 to 5 job, but when I'm not in the shirt and tie I'm active in Northern Ireland's Arts circuit, illustrating images, acting in plays, performing poetry or writing stories for productions.  I've built up enough experience now that I plan to combine all my creative abilities and produce entertaining and engaging productions that unite art, drama, poetry, and music. 

I only started to push into the arts circuit around 2012 after I published a book on the Kindle.  The Unspeakable (a collection of short horror stories based in Belfast) was a milestone for me as it was a finished product, one that I'd been working on for years.  Once that project was completed, I had a confidence boost that encouraged me to keep moving and get involved in creative communities in Belfast.  Since then I've met many wonderful people who introduced me to a vast network of poets, artists, musicians, and actors.

Over the years, I've exhibited Celtic art in solo and group exhibitions, combined performance poetry with art in fear-filled stories like the Hounds of Love and Piggy Pigheart, combined lyrical storytelling with music in the Etain series, and acted in various dramatic productions that allowed me to dabble with costume design.  I'm always looking beyond the horizon to see what new projects come my way, but I intend to keep my focus on fiction and all the facets of fantasy, be it horror, fairy tale, myth or romance. 

Currently I'm compiling poems and illustrating scenes for my work on the Celtic Mythological Cycle.  I plan to exhibit more images from the Etain series in 2016 and collaborate with poets to have performances in schools and libraries.    I've also got a few acting gigs lined up but I plan to continue writing my own scripts for plays that focus on horror and suspense.  

So that's me in a nutshell.  I'm hoping to meet other artists, writers, musicians, designers, programmers, and creative types who would like to collaborate, so if you like what I do and think we could work together then drop me a line!